Word Cleaner will save you hours of work. You no longer have to tediously convert and clean files manually.

Main Features:

  • Batch convert Word files (doc & docx) as well as odt, rtf & any text based files (such as html, txt, xml, csv etc.) to html, xhtml, txt, csv & epub
  • MS Word is not required, the program is standalone
  • View/edit your files directly in the program
  • Create your own templates to automate conversions
  • Powerful find & replace. Even use custom C# code
  • Command line support to link into your own apps and code
  • Desktop and Server versions are available
  • Exporting to database format for importing into a CMS
  • One click conversion from within MS Word
  • Ability to convert one text file to multiple HTML files
  • Right click on a file and send code to clipboard
  • Built in code editors & browser preview

Key Benefits:

  • Batch convert your files all in one go and clean up all the code
  • Save time – average conversion time of only 1 second!
  • Customisable – create your own templates to clean/change code
  • MS Word does not need to be installed
  • Can clean up existing HTML files such as word HTML files
  • Reduce the size of your HTML and improve download times
  • Free technical support and advice

Customers Include:


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